Eurohike solid shell case accidentally for Raspberry Pi

Well would you believe it. Eurohike appear to be making a case for the Raspberry Pi, albeit accidentally. I was in Blacks today and spotted a yellow hard shell mobile phone size Eurohike Safe Case. It is sold as waterproof (I’ve not tested this) with a decent seal and a very solid snap lock clasp. It is made out of tough ABS plastic and also claims to be shockproof. Inside it has a nice foam padded compartment large enough for the Pi with SD card inserted. And for those that want to know: it is rated IP68. To find out what that means head on over to:

EurohikeCase1 EurohikeCase2
EurohikeCase3 EurohikeCase4

Priced at a respectable £15, discounted from £20 equals a bargain in my eyes. It is perfect to transport one of my Pi’s to events as it permanently has a Nokia 3310 LCD + buttons shield attached and hence I need easy access meaning one of the usual Pi cases isn’t quite what I’m after.

I’m likely going to also use it as a waterproof enclosure to mount alongside and control my Nikon AW100 waterproof camera. That is, when I have plucked up the courage to drill a hole to pass a USB cable through the Eurohike case.

Highly recommended, especially with the discount at the moment. Available over at the Blacks website.

Case your Pi part 2: the case arrives and is assembled

This morning I assembled the case that I previously bought from Shropshire Linux User Group via their eBay store.

The case is made from high quality pre-cut acrylic components ready to be assembled. It comes with 8 nuts and bolts to fasten it all together (mine came with 9 - always good to have a spare) and 4 rubber feet. I am a big fan of clear acrylic, as it is very strong and unobtrusive. It is an excellence choice for the casing material.

Read on for assembly instructions (and note those that come with the case, and the YouTube video of the case designers putting the case together).

Case your Pi

Turns out there are already several case options available for my RPi. I went for one from Shropshire Linux User Group via the eBay link they provide. Cost me a tenner, and should arrive in a few days. I like this one because:

a) it is available NOW (and my RPi looks naked and rather vulnerable at the moment!)
b) it fully enclosed the RPi.

More info on the case when I receive it.


23/05/2012 Update: it arrived! Tomorrow I will have time to assemble it and post a photo.