Eurohike solid shell case accidentally for Raspberry Pi

Well would you believe it. Eurohike appear to be making a case for the Raspberry Pi, albeit accidentally. I was in Blacks today and spotted a yellow hard shell mobile phone size Eurohike Safe Case. It is sold as waterproof (I’ve not tested this) with a decent seal and a very solid snap lock clasp. It is made out of tough ABS plastic and also claims to be shockproof. Inside it has a nice foam padded compartment large enough for the Pi with SD card inserted. And for those that want to know: it is rated IP68. To find out what that means head on over to:

EurohikeCase1 EurohikeCase2
EurohikeCase3 EurohikeCase4

Priced at a respectable £15, discounted from £20 equals a bargain in my eyes. It is perfect to transport one of my Pi’s to events as it permanently has a Nokia 3310 LCD + buttons shield attached and hence I need easy access meaning one of the usual Pi cases isn’t quite what I’m after.

I’m likely going to also use it as a waterproof enclosure to mount alongside and control my Nikon AW100 waterproof camera. That is, when I have plucked up the courage to drill a hole to pass a USB cable through the Eurohike case.

Highly recommended, especially with the discount at the moment. Available over at the Blacks website.
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