New book on Raspbmc

Sam Nazarko is great. Not only has he developed the incredibly impressive Raspbmc media centre for the Raspberry Pi based on XBMC, he is also now a published author. Raspberry Pi Media Center from Packt Publishing covers pretty much all you could want to know about setting up XBMC on the Raspberry Pi.

From the blurb on Packt Publishing’s website:

Discover how you can stream video, music, and photos straight to your TV
Play existing content from your computer or USB drive
Watch and record TV via satellite, cable, or terrestrial
Build your very own library that automatically includes detailed information and cover material

  • When I wrote the XBMC article for The MagPi I spent a fair while conversing over email with Sam to ensure I got the technical details right. He has a very thorough understanding of using the Raspberry Pi as a media centre. Hence kudos points and bragging rights are well deserved with the release of his book.
Hats off to Sam.


The MagPi Issue 5 featuring an article on XBMC

The MagPi issue 5 has been released. This issue contains an article on XBMC written by yours truly. I have been really impressed with the recent performance and feature improvements to both OpenELEC and Raspbmc and I attempt to cover some of the great new stuff that is available, like CEC, in this article.

Read and enjoy :)

XBMC Huzzah!

My N570 powered Asus Eee Netbook took 12 hours to build OpenELEC for the RPi. And now I have XBMC up and running :)