PacktPub limited time sale: all eBooks and videos $10 each

It’s sale time at Packt Publishing to celebrate ten years of publishing!

I’m a big fan of most of Packt’s books and have been for years. They’ve produced some absolute gems including Tim Cox’s Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers for which I was one of the technical reviewers. Personally I think this is THE book to buy to engage in some really interesting and different Raspberry Pi programming projects.

But it’s not just Raspberry Pi books that are on sale, oh no! The ENTIRE catalogue of eBooks and videos is up for grabs at the discounted price of $10 (£5.90+VAT, or £7.08 in real money) each. Plus you can buy as many as you want. Over the years I’ve bought many books and the odd video from Packt on subjects as varied as test automation, penetration testing, JBoss, Linux, Squid, Python, PHP, AJAX, Raspberry Pi and a heck of a lot else so as a publisher they come highly recommended.

Tonight’s shopping night for me over at Packt...

Be aware that the sale ends in a couple of days time, on the 5th of this month.

Disclaimer: Packt are giving me two eBooks to mention their sale, but I stand by what I say even so: they’ve some absolutely fine IT books on their bookshelf that you may want on yours.

TiddlyBot fun and simple Raspberry Pi Robot

Browsing Kickstarter I just came across the wonderful TiddlyBot by PiBot.

I first met one of the PiBot team at a Raspberry Pi DigiMakers event in Bristol a few months back where I was incredibly impressed by the passion shown and the quality of their PiBot robot. A really compact, very well engineered build. It looks like they’ve come up with something fantastic in the new TiddlyBot, which is currently over on Kickstarter. This little robot can draw, follow lines (curiosity has me wondering if one TiddlyBot could draw a line for another to follow), output a live wireless video feed and be controlled from a web interface. Fantastic.

This looks like enormous fun and is exactly the kind of tech that really gets kids (and adults like me) interested.

Nice one PiBot.

Head over to Kickstarter and support the project now: