There are many books for the Raspberry Pi (and related). This is a Good Thing. Below are a selection of books that I have enjoyed, gained from, and can heartedly recommend.

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Raspberry Pi Manual

Haynes have produced a shining example of Technicolor Raspberry Pi Goodness. Covering the software and hardware of the Pi ecosystem, there is something here for everyone.

Raspberry Pi Manual

Andrew Robinson and Mike Cook have really gone to town in their book providing 16 projects from the straightforward to the "Woah! Dude!" Various interesting topics are also introduced such as state diagrams on p444. If you have a PiFace then you want this book (if not, there is still a lot here for you).

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers

My single favourite programming book ever. The detail that Tim Cox has gone into throughout is incredible, with projects as diverse as programming a hexapod and creating your own 3D graphics. This is an absolute must have book, no exceptions, for anyone interested in programming on the Pi.

Programming the Raspberry Pi

Simon Monk's book takes you through a whistle stop tour of how to program effectively on the Pi. A particularly nice touch is a detailed section on creating your own roverbot, for which he has produced an accompanying hardware shield that plugs straight into the Pi's GPIO connector.

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