The MagPi Kickstarter campaign

The MagPi magazine is now running a Kickstarter project with the aim of getting printed copies of all 8 issues in volume 1, plus a special binder to hold them all, into your hands. From the Kickstarter page:

Bring The MagPi magazine, the best and only magazine for the Raspberry Pi enthusiast, from the digital realm into the physical realm.

I’ve posted a fair bit on here about The MagPi, in part because I write articles for the magazine, but also because I genuinely believe it is a superb read with excellent well thought out articles. I’ve learnt lots by reading each issue and have seen the team grow in strength and capability over the months. This means that each issue is a valuable resource to help anyone of any experience level to get more from their Raspberry Pi.

The current issue shows just how detailed the articles are by presenting a foolproof way to catch Father Christmas (oh ok then... “Santa”) later this month. Now in my eyes that alone is worth contributing to the Kickstarter project (anyone remember the Red Dwarf episode Backwards?)

Please do support the Kickstarter project.
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