Issue 17 of The MagPi released

Issue 17 of The MagPi has been released in PDF and online (via Issuu) formats.

Of note in this issue, and for those of you who didn’t see the Kickstarter (which raised a crazy $127,537 on a goal of just $1,889), this issue covers BrickPi in depth. BrickPi is an easy to use shield that sits on your Pi and lets you control LEGO® Mindstorm sensors and motors. Now the clever thing here is that LEGO® will happily sell you the parts without buying the actual Mindstorm kit, ie: you can save money by not forking out for the NXT Intelligent Brick and get much greater freedom of control by using your Raspberry Pi instead. This is a very neat shield.

In addition some other highlights include articles on eye tracking (which has the unfortunate side-effect of making the user look like a founding member of the Borg Collective), an interesting aside on the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), and using long range radio communications make for great reading.
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