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The MagPi
Well we’re almost there with Issue 11 of The MagPi. It is truly incredible to see how much effort goes into each issue. From authors to layout to graphics designers, to proofreaders and the testers it is the community that has sprung up around the magazine (and the Pi of course) that makes the magazine such a success. I’ve discovered that the opportunities to be involved are virtually endless. I’ve written several articles for the magazine but at the moment am concentrating on layout, proofreading and testing if only because it gives me more time to read all of the great stuff others are writing about.

Then on top there’s the events? Did I mention them...? No...? Well back in December Meltwater (of The MagPi ofc) and I attended an event at @Bristol in, um, Bristol that gave us the opportunity to meet a few hundred young people and assorted parents and teachers. We had Pi’s on display running various software and hardware demos, and some additional GPIO gadgety-things for all to ooo and aaahh at. All under The MagPi banner. This month we are back at @Bristol for another 200+ young person event. Superb and great fun! Others are attending / running their own Raspberry Pi events and the team at The MagPi is always available to support each other in these escapades.

So this is a shameless plug: if you’re reading this and you read The MagPi and have thought: “hey I could write an article on Gadgety-Widgety-Thing” or “I like those graphics, but I think there should be more pink” (or neon green...) then The MagPi will more than welcome you. Email the editor for more information. And if I meet you at an event then I’ll buy you a beverage of your choice to say thank you.
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