Raspberry Pi Python Cookbook: now taking pre-orders

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers
Those great people over at Packt Publishing have just started taking pre-orders for Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers. Written by Tim Cox of Pi Hardware fame this is looking to be a great resource that teaches exactly what it says on the tin.

Tim is a regular contributor to and member of the editorial team for The MagPi. He also jointly runs The MagPi’s stand at the BCS Bristol Boot Camp events providing various demos and tutorials that show off his technowizardry. Consequently he knows his stuff.

Packt state that the book will provide information on creating 3D worlds and expanding the Pi via interfacing with hardware amongst many topics (those two just particularly grabbed my attention), and all focussed on Python 3, which I think helps keep things nice and consistent.

More info when I’ve a copy in my hands.
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