HDMIPi: top notch customer support

Alex Eames is a star. My HDMIPi unfortunately broke when the USB connector snapped off of the driver board with nary a hint of pressure. Turns out there’d been a problem with manufacturer that Alex and co had only just become aware of. They’re fixing every board going out (so yours likely won’t have this issue) but I was fortunate (!) enough to receive one sent out quickly, i.e.: before problem was unearthed.

Total turnaround from reporting the issue to receiving a replacement driver board was well under 48 hours. Superb. This is the kind of customer service that engenders a true sense of loyalty to a product and brand. It’s one of the reasons why I’m a huge Amazon fan. Just as with Alex, whenever something I’ve purchased from Amazon fails they get a fix to me pronto without any quibbles. I’ll *always* support companies who provide such excellent support.

Broken HDMIPi
A sad HDMIPi-day.

HDMIPi is happy again (and yes that’s an Apple wireless keyboard attached. More in a future post)
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